How to Choose the Best Dental Implant Specialist

Whether you are missing a single tooth, several teeth or all your natural teeth, dental implants are an ideal option. Among their many benefits, Dental Implants do no harm to any existing teeth or bone. Yes, maybe having a Bridge is an option and yes, they cost about the same as one Dental Implant. But you have to aggressively file down two natural teeth to support the Bridge and even then you are asking two teeth to do the work of three. Dental Implants are small titanium rods that appear similar to a natural tooth root. Your Dentist is able to attach a natural looking crown right to the implant and you have a permanent solution. No partial and no dentures. No compromised surrounding teeth.

Should all your teeth need to be replaced and the daily dealings with traditional dentures are looming, you should know you have other options. Or maybe you currently have no teeth and are ready to explore other options. Either way, Dental Implants are very versatile and can be used to hold your dentures in either permanently or be used to snap a denture in as needed. Anyone in this case just needs to know options and convincing you of them isn’t hard. The hardest part is determining which Dentist and Surgeon are right for you and your treatment.

Considerations When Selecting Your Dental Implant Specialist

Although you are understandably anxious to get your dental implant surgery underway, it is important to take your time to ensure that you choose the professional who is the best for dental implants. Some questions you may want to ask include:

· How many years have you placed dental implants? There is simply no substitute for experience. Dr. Walia has performed restorative dental servicesDr. Chandan Walia D.D.S. since 2002.

· What is your dental implant success rate at 5 years and 10 years? Dental implants are a good investment because they normally have a success rate greater than 95 percent. However, an inexperienced dentist could have a much lower rate.

· What is your educational background, especially as it relates to dental implants? Dr. Walia has a certificate in periodontics in addition to a Doctor of Dental Surgery, two completed residencies, and numerous awards and presentations in dental implant restoration.

· What professional memberships do you hold? Dr. Walia belongs to the State Board of Dentistry for Arizona, California, New Jersey, and New York. He also has professional membership status with the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association.

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