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Ridge Expansion

If a patient has suffered bone loss, we recommend ridge augmentation to restore the original height and width of the alveolar ridge, which is the bone that goes around the roots of the teeth. In cases where the patient’s condition is severe, the ridge is reabsorbed, and a bone graft is embedded to increase the height and width of the ridge.

When is ridge expansion used?

We use this technique to rebuild the lost bone dimension when the jaw ridge becomes so narrow that we can’t place conventional implants on it. Through this technique, we enlarge the bony ridge of the jaw through mechanical means. The material used for the bone graft can be inserted and left to mature for a couple of months before we place the implant.

When a tooth is removed, the alveolar ridge (which supports your teeth) starts weakening. Age and disease can also cause this ridge bone to atrophy and lose bone density. The bone deteriorates rapidly after a tooth is lost or extracted. We must take action to stop the recession from worsening and the preserve the natural structure of your jaw.

This deterioration can occur in two different dimensions. In the first case, the bone around the area of the socket collapsed, reducing the horizontal width — the part of the ridge that remains thins out and doesn’t leave enough room for an implant.

In the second case, vertical bone height is lost, preventing us from securely placing dental implants in that area. Therefore, we must augment the ridge bone, adding more vertical height and horizontal width for the dental implants to fit.

What’s the procedure for ridge expansion?

During the ridge expansion procedure, we divide the ridge bone and wedge apart the inner and outer segments of bone. By so doing, we open up a space between the divided segments of bone that we then fill with bone graft.

Dr. Walia uses special instruments to carry out this procedure. The most commonly used surgical devices are osteotomes, which are flat, cylindrical, stainless steel tools that vary in size. We use them for laterally compacting the bone and expanding the ridge in which we will place the implant.

Come in and talk to us!

Here at Implants & Periodontal Arts, our team of skilled periodontist will talk with you about your options for treating bone deterioration, including the ridge expansion procedure. We will evaluate your personal needs and work with you to determine the best possible treatment plan to prevent bone loss.

Our team is very experienced and will see to it that you receive the best possible and safety during the procedure. We invite you to set up a no-obligation consultation about ridge expansion and dental implants with our team at Implants & Periodontal Arts. They are experts and have successfully performed this procedure many times.

If you’re thinking about a ridge expansion, call us at 602-825-2211 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Walia will work with you to see if this procedure is the right choice for you.


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