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Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation is a dental procedure that is undertaken after tooth extraction to aid in recreating the natural shape of the gums and jaw lost due to bone loss, tooth extractions, or a variety of other causes. The bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth is called the alveolar ridge of the jaw.

When is ridge augmentation necessary?

After removing a tooth, an empty socket remains in the alveolar ridge bone. This socket will often heal naturally and fill up with bone and tissue. However, other times when a tooth is extracted, the bone that surrounds the socket can break, rendering it incapable of healing by itself. Deterioration in that socket will continue.

While it is not necessary to rebuild alveolar ridge’s original height and width, we may nevertheless have to do it anyway to properly insert dental implants or for aesthetical purposes. We need bone to support dental implants, so we may perform a ridge augmentation to rebuild the bone to support the implant.

What is the procedure for ridge augmentation surgery?

Ridge augmentation surgery is performed by inserting bone graft material into the tooth socket. We usually want to do this right after we remove the tooth to eliminate the need for a second surgical procedure down the line. The next step is to place the gum tissue over the tooth socket and secure it with sutures.

We may opt to choose a product that maintains space over the top of the graft. This helps restore the height and width of the space opened up by the loss of tooth and bone, into which new bone is supposed to grow. After the socket heals, we prepare the alveolar ridge so that it can receive the dental implant. We usually perform this ridge augmentation surgery under anesthesia. You may also request additional sedative medication.

What is the recovery process like after the surgery?

After the augmentation surgery, you must rest and avoid strenuous activity. You may experience minor to moderate discomfort for 1-2 weeks, along with inflammation, swelling, and bruising. This is normal. Anti-inflammatory medication can minimize these side effects. Ice packs will help with the swelling.

You also must abstain from spitting or using straws for 24-48 hours after the procedure. Otherwise, you may dislocate the blood clot. We will also most likely prescribe a soft diet for several days after the surgery. As your gums begin to heal, you can slowly add in new foods. Avoid foods that are hard, crunchy or spicy for several weeks, as they disrupt the healing process.

How long does the recovery process take?

Different patients heal at different rates, but in general full recover requires 6-9 months. During this time, the new bone tissue fuses with your alveolar ridge and becomes a permanent part of your anatomy.

Periodontist here at Implants & Periodontal Arts are specially trained and have completed many ridge augmentation procedures. Once we evaluate your needs, we can determine the most effective plan just for you. Give us a call today at 602-825-2211.


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